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“Le livre qu’elle a tiré de ces jours et ces nuits passés à traquer le vent légendaire est spectaculaire, magnifique, poétique, limpide.”—Christophe Ono-Dit-Biot


“To Capture French Region Of Provence, She Photographed The Wind”: an interview with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly.


“American photojournalist Rachel Cobb has spent several decades capturing the legendary wind that blows through southern France. This relentless force of nature that can gust to hurricane strength is an integral part of the fabric of Provençal life.”


“Mistral achieves the impossible. … I found myself lingering over the photographs, imagining the stories behind the shots. Mistral is among those great photobooks that provoke a creative imagining in the viewer’s heart and head. … Mistral is an entertaining, informed and wise photobook. If I were writing Hollywood hype, I’d use phrases like ‘instant classic.’”—W. Scott Olsen


“Cobb’s new book, Mistral: The Legendary Wind of Provence, is a record of the 20 years she spent hunting the wind.”—Marigold Warner


“A lifelong fascination with the legendary winds of the South of France has yielded a lush and vibrant book—a work that resonates with the intensity of the forces it seeks to capture.”—Chloe Schama


“Cobb manages to depict the unphotographable, capturing the effects of the wind, that moment ‘where the invisible becomes visible through what it touches.’”—Chiara Bardelli Nonino

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READINGS, December 2018

People Magazine MISTRAL 12.24.2018 Small

“In beautifully evocative stills, a photographer captures the restless swirl of Provence's famous wind.”—Kim Hubbard


“In her photos, which include windswept wedding ceremonies and scoured mountaintops, [Cobb] shows how the mistral impacts everything from attitudes to agriculture.”—Heather Hansman


Mistral named a Photo District News Notable Photo Book of 2018.


“It’s not easy to photograph wind, but that’s the challenge Rachel Cobb set herself while she was first visiting and then living in southern France … Mistral: The Legendary Wind Of Provence is a collection of colorful, evocative images documenting the effects of the northerly wind …. Cobb’s images make all these phenomena look both alluring and mysterious.”—Holly Stuart Hughes


A French-language discussion of Mistral by Rachel Cobb, featured in L’Oeil de la Photographie.


“I like all of Cobb’s pictures mainly because they make me feel the wind. My favorites seem to imitate its force, its blurry, primary-colored disorder. I can’t think of a higher piece of praise than that, after studying them, they make me want to rub my eyes. I feel grit on my skin.”—Bill Buford

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